Author: Trinity Tibe

Check Out Mental Marginalia Reading Series

I had a blast reading at the Mental Marginalia series at The West in Williamsburg. The other poets were fantastic, and pinch reader Theo Thimo thrilled me with his weird ass stories and silly giggle. Sarah Madges does a great job of running the show, and The West is a nice little spot for working by day and playing by night.

Here is a link to more info about Mental Marginalia from English Kills Reading Series Census. 


I am still a little sister

This is a series of drawings of my brother, John.  Nearly 17 years ago,  I got the news of his death on my 14th birthday.  I recently found some photographs of him online and began this project.   Drawing him and creating these images makes me feel like he and I are in the same room.

From the Brooklyn Book Festival

A few things I picked up from the Poets Tell All talk with Elizabeth Alexander and Tracy K. Smith as they discussed writing about grief:

“I realized I am not the only keeper of family  memories.” -EA

“I am not the first person [to grieve, feel loss, write about loss].”- EA

“a label is like tongs… now we can handle it… diffuse the pain of it.” – TKS